As I reflect back over the last two months, I see time escaping through many different holes without getting much done in the Startup realm.  The day job sucked up more time than expected, as work on the major ERP project continues to dominate my daysas we stabilize the new platform.  Some family issues cropped up that took up a good amount of time as well.  Throw in a two week trip with my kid to Central America, as well as my wife being out of town for two weeks, and the last two months has disappeared pretty quickly.

This is part of the ongoing struggle to get things moving.  I get busy, I get complacent (the day job isn’t so bad and it’s good money), I get burned out, and the last thing I want to do is more work!  Then something happens to remind me the day job is bad, I’m being lazy, I’m being soft, I’m not balancing things properly, and I get demotivated to push.  If I’m going to get this to work, I’ve got to break that cycle.

I need better accountability so that I work on things each week.  I’ve got a couple ideas on how I need to change to achieve greater accountability, but will be thinking about it over the next few days to increase accountability of getting things done.  I also need to get more balanced when it comes to how I’m spending my time.  I usually end up staying with a task until it’s done or I can’t work on it anymore.  I’ll skip lunch and dinner to stay working on something to get it finished.  I need to find better balance in all the things I want to get done and not ignore things like lunch or exercise that will give me more energy to do more. What are the things you struggle with and how are you adapting?

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