Last week was good and I think I made some pretty good progress.  I did a webinar with a group of presenters on all different entrepreneur/business topics.  I got to both learn some new things and share my knowledge/story on how to optimize for better outcomes.

As a presenter, I got lots of great feedback.  My message was well-received, and the group is wanting me to present more.  We’ll be working on some new presentations in the coming weeks to give them.

Putting together the presentation also helped me solidify some of the product thinking I’ve been doing as far as what matters and what doesn’t.  It’s also helped me refine my messaging and how I talk about getting better results through effectiveness and efficiency.

One of the presentations in particular, which was about turning knowledge into products, was super helpful.  I have been working on building a framework which has an accompanying template which is the center of my messaging.  Based on the product segment, I have a really clear vision of how to put this all together and will continue to refine the framework.

I’m also working with another individual discussing me joining him for an episode of his podcast.  I’m not sure how many average downloads/listeners he’s getting, but right now, any practice is good practice.

I also spent the weekend splitting firewood which resulted in a new article on the business lessons one can take from spending a day splitting wood.  You can read that here.

The next week will be more refinement of the framework and I’m going to start messing around with Learndash.

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