The first version of the game is made on 3×5 index cards cut in half with just descriptions written on the cards.  This was the fastest way I saw in getting some “cards” so we could actually start playing the game and work on rule refinement and gameplay.

Cards made from notecards
First version of the game on 3×5 notecards cut in half.

We’re drawing inspiration from many different areas to come up with cards.  The whole family has gotten involved in offering ideas on cards and how they should work.  We’re all thinking of card games, board games, and video games we like, why we like them, and thinking how we could incorporate those enjoyable aspects of other games into this game.  One wants sarcasm, the other wants puns.  An element of strategy, with some silliness.  Action cards, passive cards, cards you’re trying to collect, and cards you’re trying to get rid of.  We’re also drawing experiences from having a dog and all the “joy” that can bring.  At this point, all ideas are considered as we begin to play through the first few times.  At the end of each hand, we discuss what worked well, what didn’t work well, and adjust the deck.  Fortunately, these are just handwritten, cut up note cards so they aren’t expensive or time consuming to modify or replace.

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