It’s been so busy through the end of the year.  I’ve spent a bit of time with family and friends, enjoying some downtime for the holidays.  At the same time, I’ve been able to (mostly) blow off my corporate job for a week and spend lots of time progressing with the startup.

I’ve been working primarily on setup of the digital assets I think I’ll need in 2019.  This includes a few websites (,, and related social media accounts.  I plan on using these sites for different pieces of what I’ll be working on in the coming year.

I spent some time a week ago on the phone with one of the coaches I’m working with, talking through building content related to making things more productive with technology.  He asked the question, “why limit yourself right now to just technology?”

It was an intriguing question.  My 20 years in Corporate America have been focused on improving all sorts of processes and making teams and people more efficient.  While technology has been a big part of it, the tools and techniques I’ve used to improve productivity are not specific to technology.  In fact, some of the tools work better when technology isn’t involved!

He asked me this question because it came up in conversation that I’ve spent a lot of time making things more efficient.  He immediately clued in on my excitement when I began talking about some of the things I had done.

While this might appear as yet another shift in direction, something I’ve said I have had problems with in the past, I don’t see it as problematic, and in fact don’t really see it as a switch.  It’s really “zooming out” on the topics and industries that I wanted to target.  It’s not so focused as “do this one thing better in fitness with this one tech” but a focus on “learn these tools to improve any aspect of your fitness business, other business, or personal life.”  By doing this, I am opening up my market to a much broader audience and can still use different mediums to target specific industries.

The grand master plan hasn’t really changed at all.  Ultimately, I want to generate enough income to fund a tech team that can build physical products and software.  This seems like the best path forward.

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