So we’re nearing the end of summer and I have zero more cards drawn for the card game than when the summer started. Motivating the daughter has been quite the struggle. At one point, I offered her $20 for each finished card. She was excited by that idea, but ultimately didn’t draw anymore because of it.

This is a point where, on previous approaches to start something, I would consider throwing in the towel. I’ve tried different things with her, and have had no success. I’m missing a key piece to getting this game to a finished product, and can’t do the work myself (I draw like a 4 year old). My day job is busy, and I could spend more hours there and get more accomplished.

Switching the motivation by splitting the work into different tasks.
I have to resist the urges and keep fighting. I have to think of a different approach and not give into the temptation to follow the easy path. I’ve had another conversation with my daughter on the art. She said that she doesn’t want to do one finished card at a time but would like to do all the sketches first, in case she’s inspired to change styles in the middle (so the $20 per finished card was not good motivation). I’m going to push her a little on that, but let her know I agreed with what she was saying and that she should do all of the sketches first. My thought is that I will pay her $10 for the finished sketch and then another $10 for the final drawing. I’m also going to set a deadline with her. A deadline where, if she isn’t finished, I will find someone online and pay them to complete the art. With a new approach to take on making progress, I’m ready to keep at it and not give in to the desires to take the easy route.

What adjustments are you having to make to keep progress on your startup goals?

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