Jira projects

I’m going back to Jira, the application I’m using to organize all of mywork and track what needs to get done and what’s been finished already.  I’ve also been working at playing some catch up with posting on social media platforms.  While I’ve been continuing to write this whole time, I haven’t been posting to … Read more


I’ve been juggling many things through the last few months, and the amount I’m juggling seems to be growing more each week.  It’s been difficult to keep track of everything going on, and I’ve struggled to make progress on certain things, especially the Startup, with so many other life things in my face every day.  … Read more

Organized Tools

Work on the house has been consuming a fair amount of my extra time as we get settled into the new house. Tasks are taking longer than they should, primarily due to a lack of organization. Before today, tools were in a number of different boxes in different parts of the house. Finding a screwdriver, … Read more

Dog Luna

With the idea settled, I’m a little scatter brained.  There are so many things to do!  My mind is racing in 100 different directions, having difficulty focusing on tasks and getting them to completion.  To help me prioritize and focus, I’m going to put together a list of all the things I can see from … Read more