Holidays are particularly exciting for me during this time; not so much for the holidays themselves, but because it gives me an extra day to work on my startup, since I don’t have to report for the day job.  Today I’ve been able to spend some time strategizing with the developer and also working with … Read more

When I first wrote this post, I worked for Amazon and was very reserved in what I communicated, not wanting to get myself in trouble.  I’ve since left Amazon and have rewritten this article with much more details here, but am preserving the original article below. —————————————————————– One of the things I’ve read about regarding … Read more

I’ve thought of a third option that I’m going to go with.  I really want to give my daughter the time to do this as she’s able.  To be fair to her, she’s trying to finish 8th grade and has a number of big, end of school projects she’s finishing over the next couple weeks.  … Read more


The top priority for me is to settle on ONE thing.  I have a few different ideas for both software and physical products, and I believe they would all be successful if I could get the vision in my head to be a reality.  Thinking it through, I need to weigh a few key elements … Read more