Muscle Groups

On Friday, we had a first meeting together as a team.  There are three of us going in on this.  One is the developer who will forever be referred to on this blog as “the Dev”.  The other person is someone that worked for me at my last day job; a technical, business savvy, fitness … Read more

I had a meeting today with a good friend that I met at my last company.  He and I worked together on building revolutionary software for the company and industry that we worked in.  Not to oversell it – it was cloud based data storage and data analysis that is commonplace in different tech industries, … Read more

I worked on a fitness startup idea a few years back.  We had big ambitions to disrupt the industry and had good momentum for a short while.  We had a solid business plan and some smart folks on board.  Ultimately, the developer we were working with lost time and interest.  Efforts to find a replacement … Read more