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Keep on Keepin’ on

Still plugging away slowly but surely. The day job has consumed quite a bit of time as of late, and I thought it would settle down when I got back, but another hiccup came up in the form of one of the people that reports to me put in her two week notice. There’s a…

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You got to know when to fold ‘em

As I continue the grind and look ahead, there is so much to do. I’m also reflecting back on everything from the last few months that has gotten me to this point. I started with a desire to build something I could call my own, while seeing an opportunity to do something with my kids…

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Meeting with the Crew

Muscle Groups

On Friday, we had a first meeting together as a team.  There are three of us going in on this.  One is the developer who will forever be referred to on this blog as “the Dev”.  The other person is someone that worked for me at my last day job; a technical, business savvy, fitness…

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Meeting The Dev

I had a meeting today with a good friend that I met at my last company.  He and I worked together on building revolutionary software for the company and industry that we worked in.  Not to oversell it – it was cloud based data storage and data analysis that is commonplace in different tech industries,…

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Recruiting for Software

Even though I’m greatly scaling down from the grand vision, I will need some help from a few others.  This means recruiting some former coworkers that have good skill sets that I need to get this done.  The PR/FAQ is a good tool to have for doing this as it gives me something to share…

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Specific to the fitness idea, what’s different this time?

I worked on a fitness startup idea a few years back.  We had big ambitions to disrupt the industry and had good momentum for a short while.  We had a solid business plan and some smart folks on board.  Ultimately, the developer we were working with lost time and interest.  Efforts to find a replacement…

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