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Stairs in the forest

As things continue to pick up, I’ve taken a week to get away from all of the usual distractions that I have and spend a week completely focused on my business. My Mother-In-Law has a cabin that she bought several years back that is the perfect spot.  It’s fairly isolated, on Willipa Bay in Washington…

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Keep on Keepin’ on

Still plugging away slowly but surely. The day job has consumed quite a bit of time as of late, and I thought it would settle down when I got back, but another hiccup came up in the form of one of the people that reports to me put in her two week notice. There’s a…

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That’s the only word to describe the last two weeks. I’ve been in survival mode just trying to get through the day. I started the new day job, but don’t get me wrong: The new job is great and I am enjoying it a lot. It’s been a ton of work though, coming up to…

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I said I wouldn’t, but I did it anyway

When I started this journey, I spent time reflecting on previous attempts at starting my own company and identified some of the things that derailed me from these previous attempts. One of the items I identified was that I switched day jobs which pushed me into new learning and a general drift from side projects…

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There’s Never Any Time!!!

I would be lying if I said the last few weeks were anything but difficult. Expanded expectations at my day job, significant work at home as I close on a new house and get my old house ready for sale, moving into the new house, kids returning to school, all on top of the daily…

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Taking a Different Approach

So we’re nearing the end of summer and I have zero more cards drawn for the card game than when the summer started. Motivating the daughter has been quite the struggle. At one point, I offered her $20 for each finished card. She was excited by that idea, but ultimately didn’t draw anymore because of…

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Increasing my Free Time by Decreasing my Free Time

Over a week since my last post! Time unfortunately has been a very precious commodity since getting back from Honduras. On the day we got back, we put an offer in on a new house. It was somewhat spontaneous, but that’s usually the way we do things. We started discussing moving about 9 months ago.…

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Time to Reorganize

Junk Drawer

At the beginning of this process, I did a lot of organizing and planning to make sure I had a solid list of tasks I needed to perform.  It was great to have a big, prioritized list where I could check things off and see my progress.  As I web through the list, there were…

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Getting Organized For Software

I went through an organization effort with the card game, and need to do that again for the fitness idea.  From a high level, the fitness idea is building technology tools to help people exercise more efficiently through education and workout apps.  This will have a different project plan and product roadmap than a physical…

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