While people like Henry Ford would have probably loved to have all of the tools we have today to start and run a business, these tools come at a price – setup.  I have been setting up so many accounts in this early period.  I set up a gmail account first, because that’s free and doesn’t need anything associated with it.  From there, I set up a hosting account with SiteGround.  Then I had to log into my old domain registrar because I’m using a domain name that I already have registered to me and do some configuration.  Then I created a new email address under my new hosting account.  Then I signed up for a few different tools for website building, each with separate accounts… and on and on.  As of right now, I’ve set up 9 new accounts related to this card startup.

One thing that has kept me sane and safe with all these accounts is an application named KeePass.  KeePass is an application that stores usernames and passwords for you.  You’re able to enter URLs and notes into each entry, so it’s easy to manage different logins, use different passwords, and keep track of everything without going crazy.  It’s got a great mobile app too so you can use it on a mobile device.  KeePass is open source and free, downloadable from http://keepass.info/.

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