Been caught with a nasty flu on coming back from the UK.  Things are clearing up now, but it was pretty bad for a couple of weeks there.

I’m a little behind on where I want things to be.  Being sick plus busy days at the corporate gig have left me drained and not wanting to do a bunch of extra work.

At the corporate gig, I’ve hired 5 new people to my team in the last 6 weeks and have a newly promoted manager, so that has taken up a lot of extra time.

I’ve had a few meetings with one of the guys I met in the UK, working him through how to think systematically about his business.  We’ve been evaluating his biggest system (managing a 4 month long course) looking at how it happens and where his staff’s time is going.

It’s been good for both of us as he’s been able to gain new understanding of his business and I’ve been able to better understand how I need to teach people about systems thinking and improving their processes and tools.

The corporate crazy should slow down some next week, and as I’m feeling better, I’m looking forward to making some significant progress in the business.

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