Over the past several weeks, as I’ve gotten more involved with a few of the online groups I’ve been in, I’ve spent time thinking through my ideas, vision, and what I’m trying to get done.  As I’ve been reading and learning more, I’ve questioned what I’m working on and how it all fits together.  This has always been one of my issues and it’s evident as I look back through the blog and see myself switching from thing to thing but not really progressing any of it.

As I’ve started interacting with people in these groups, I’ve started to have people ask me “what entrepreneurial thing are you doing?” And I’ve had to answer, “that’s a good question” or something similar that is super non commital.  I think that’s a testament to me not having really started down a path very far as well as my fear of committing to an idea.

Two weeks back I was on a hot seat call with the group and I got asked what my biggest problem was.  My new friend Dan came at me (in a positive way) to get me to make a decision and commit.  He said, “who is your target audience?”  As I thought about both the fitness and travel stuff I’ve worked on in the past, I chose a little bit of both… “people that want to leverage technology to improve their team, company, job, etc.”  Dan got me to commit to the next answer as well – “what is the best platform to reach these people? To which I committed to YouTube.  He then told me I needed to put together a list of 30 videos I could make, then pick the top 8 and get to work.

I was a little hesitant at first, but what did I have to lose?  A few hours?  While this isn’t fitness or travel, it fits into a larger plan to help people and companies with technology, which was the genesis of the fitness and travel ideas anyway. This last weekend, I made my first video.  It’s not super flashy.  The sound quality isn’t perfect.  Transitions are a little weak.  But the most important thing is, it’s done and out there.  I took action that will further my business and got something done that moves the needle (a tiny bit, but it moves it nonetheless).  I feel good about this direction and I think that first building an audience of people generally interested in technology will go a long way to getting me to the place I want to be.  It will be a bit of a journey, and a large investment of time, but in the end it will be worth it.  If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.


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