Startup Resources

Manufacturers (Custom Playing Cards) – These guys do custom cards of all kinds as well as board games. – Well-known brand of playing cards – turns out they print custom decks too. – This is another company that does complete board games. – These guys look to be a viable option.


KeePass – App for managing usernames and passwords for all your accounts.

Reference – information on different grades of paper.

Web Hosting

GoDaddy – well known for their Super Bowl commercials.  Hosting is reasonable and I’ve never had any major problems with them, although they do call me sometimes trying to sell me more stuff.

SiteGround – these guys are one of the top WordPress hosting companies around and have great service and good rates.  Everything from a basic package to advanced hosting options, not just WordPress either.

Microsoft Azure – while everyone is familiar with Microsoft, I would only recommend them if you have a high level of technical competence and are doing development for a highly complex website.  If this is not you, or this last sentence doesn’t make any sense to you, Azure isn’t for you.

Amazon AWS – like Microsoft Azure, AWS requires a lot of tech skills, patience, and time.  I mention it only because I’ve used it, not because I recommend it for companies just starting out.  The only exception to that is if you are a software startup and have good technical resources at your disposal.

Logos & Design Work

99designs – I’ve worked with this site to develop logos and have had great experiences getting results in quick fashion.  Any type of logos or artwork I need is sourced from their 1.5 million designers.