Even though I’m greatly scaling down from the grand vision, I will need some help from a few others.  This means recruiting some former coworkers that have good skill sets that I need to get this done.  The PR/FAQ is a good tool to have for doing this as it gives me something to share that communicates the vision of what I’m trying to do.  The requirements document is also useful for recruiting technical folks like a software developer.

Initially I have two people in mind for this project.  One is someone that used to work for me as a network admin.  He’s got a degree in accounting, experience in technical roles, and is a big fitness buff.  He’ll be able to help on the technical side as well as on the content side.  The other is a software developer/manager that I worked very closely with at my last company.  He’s a very bright software guy and works extremely hard.  He’s probably going to be difficult to convince as I’ve tried to get him to sit down and talk through starting a company before, but he seems to be very traditionally career focused.  I have a backup developer in mind if the first isn’t interested, and if both fall through, I will look for options to outsource.

What are the skill sets you need to fill?  What is your strategy for filling them?

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