With the art at a standstill, I need to consider my options.  Really there are two that I see; I either move on without her and outsource the art, or I wait.

I don’t really want to move on without her, as one of the driving factors in doing this was to do something the kids could participate in.  It would also benefit her in multiple ways, from learning some things about business and getting her art ability some exposure.  I also don’t want to sit around doing nothing while I wait for art.

The alternative is to outsource the art.  There are lots of options if I want to go this route, including sites like freelancer.com and many similar sites.  I’ve never used any of these sites before, other than craigslist.org to find manual labor, but I’m sure there’s an option out there that would allow me to connect with an artist that I would want to work with.

I will probably end up setting some small milestones for her and a larger one a few months out.  I still have time to think about it, so nothing needs to be decided immediately.

What big challenges are you facing with your startup that require options or trade offs?

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