The last couple weeks have been less productive than I would have liked on the startup front, but progressing nonetheless.

I’ve continued working with the guy I met in the UK, refining what it is people really need.  This continues to be really valuable for me as well as him.  He’s getting to understand his business better and I’m getting to refine my approach.

Things that I thought would be valuable have turned out to be not so valuable and things I thought would be minor annoyances have turned out to be super valuable.

Ultimately what’s been important is that I’ve been able to gain customer input which has helped me refine my approach and better define what I should and shouldn’t share.

I have been thinking a lot about what that first course looks like, but haven’t started building anything just yet.  In another two weeks, we should be close enough to “finished” with a full cycle of improvements for me to get started on the course.

I’ve also broken down what I think a 1 hour call would look like and plan to offer that as a product as well.  I’m going to do a few of these for free also, with the ask of honest feedback from those I meet with.

I’ve also been researching new automation tools that might fit well with what I’m doing.  I realize that for many of the people that I will work with, implementing some sort of technology is going to be the best way for me to make their organizations more efficient, so I need some go to systems for project management, CRM functionality, automation, etc. That I am very comfortable working with.

I am looking to start building the first product in April, which I will look to complete in a month and be ready for a May rollout.

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