Still plugging away slowly but surely. The day job has consumed quite a bit of time as of late, and I thought it would settle down when I got back, but another hiccup came up in the form of one of the people that reports to me put in her two week notice. There’s a huge story behind it, but we’ll just say she was not happy that I came on board. With a major software release coming in 2 months that she was running point on, it’s still a scramble and will be for another few weeks. That being said, I’m still working with what time I have to get this fitness startup off the ground.

GymFor the last 5 weeks, I’ve been exercising every morning with my wife and one of her friends. My wife has never been someone to do much in the way of organized exercise, although she was very active in high school. It’s been very educational exercising with her as it shines a spotlight on things that I didn’t realize were not common knowledge. It’s reshaped the thinking I’ve done on how the programs should work, what’s important, and what isn’t. I’ve also benefitted from gaining some long lost strength back and feel physically better than I have for the last few years.

I’ve also started blogging about the experience. One of the reasons I started this blog was to learn and practice things I knew would be part of the Startup journey. While there’s still lots of UI work to do to make it look better, content is starting to build as I blog each week on my own personal fitness journey (the target market for the vision I have is people like me and my wife). The blog can be found at

I’ll be continuing to balance this new job, family, projects at the new house, and my startup over the coming weeks and months. What’s important to me is to keep them all progressing, even if it’s not at the pace I’d like.

What are you balancing to get your startup off the ground? What tricks are you using to get it done?

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