Losing our cat hit me a little harder than I would have expected, directly and because of the impact it’s had on the kids.  I was pretty worthless for a few days there, but have been slowly getting back to it.

Since my last post, I’ve been consuming quite a bit of training online related to marketing and copyrighting (as in writing copy with the intent to market/sell).

I’ve also been thinking a lot about products and audiences related to efficiency.  It’s a little of a chicken and egg situation – hard to define a product without understanding the audience, but the audience is potentially dependent on the product.

What I mean by that is if I built a really good course on efficiency that was targeted towards professionals working in business process, it would be a much different product than a book written for the everyday individual with no formal background in process improvement.

I think settling on the audience first is going to be critical, and defining the persona of that audience will influence the product itself as well as where I continue to work on building a following.

The professional market seems to be a better place to start because there is already a greater awareness when it comes to doing things more efficiently, but I see so many people struggling with making things more productive.

Assuming I stick with that, I’ll want to do some additional study on potential audience and specific problems/pains they have and will build the solution to those issues into the course.

I’ve got a new stack of materials on products and marketing that I’ll be going through over the next week as well.  All of this is good information to consume before building the product, but at some point I’ll have to dive in and start building a v1 with whatever knowledge I have.

I haven’t made a new video in the last 2 weeks, but would like to get another one up this week as well.

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