As things continue to pick up, I’ve taken a week to get away from all of the usual distractions that I have and spend a week completely focused on my business.

My Mother-In-Law has a cabin that she bought several years back that is the perfect spot.  It’s fairly isolated, on Willipa Bay in Washington State (about 3 hours south of Seattle).  I get good enough cell reception that I can make calls and do most of what I need to do online.  There are probably 10 people within miles of where I’m at.  There are no kids, pets, house projects, etc. and I deleted my corporate email off my phone for the week.

It’s been great so far (I’m on day 3) and I’ve been able to get a lot done.  I’ve had 2 calls with the mentors which helped give some additional clarity and we’ve laid out some upcoming work that will be very beneficial.

The most important piece is that I’ll be co-hosting a webinar for a Facebook group of 16,000 entrepreneurs in two weeks.  The webinar will be focused on productivity and efficiency.  It’s a free webinar, but expected to create a fair amount of buzz, establish me as an expert within the group who has the blessing of the group’s owner, and a little business as well in the form of me selling time working with folks on their businesses.

The rest of this week is content focused.  I just put out a new post of 3000+ words on critical technology for startups and small businesses.  I think it turned out well and it will be a source for me creating additional consulting products (DIY programs, consulting, training courses) and will also be the source I’ll use to create a lead magnet to find people that are interested in these topics.

I’ll be building and refining talking points for the webinar, and I’ve got two additional calls scheduled this week with one of the mentors to go through material for the webinar.

It’s a very exciting time as this has been a long journey to this point with a number of pivots but starting to get some great momentum in making this dream a reality!

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