I’ve had a fair amount of clarity over the last week on what I am working on and how I’m moving forward.  The discussions with the mentor have helped a fair amount on getting me focused on things that I’m good at that would be profitable.

I’m settled on building knowledge products on efficiency products on efficiency and productivity within the corporate space to start.

I settled on the corporate space because there is much more activity in the corporate world on these topics..  Efficiency and productivity are much more in the forefront of people’s minds in a corporate environment where these things have a more tangible return in the form of praise, recognition, promotions, raises, and so on.se things have a more tangible return in

If I get more productive in my personal life, nobody comes to give me an award for my productivity gains.

This isn’t to say personal efforts are a waste of time or less important than corporate efficiency and productivity, and the tools used in 1 are 100% transferable to the other. people tend to focus on t

At this point I’m working on a couple initial offerings.

One is a paid course on getting into the efficiency mindset and being able to use some basic methodology to improve a system end to end, targeted at some targeted at someone that doesn’t have formal efficiency training.

Another is a set of courses on specific tools used to tackle certain problems when working through making something more efficient.

I’m also working on a consulting type offering where I will come to a client site and teach for a day or two.

I have lots of other ideas as well for additional courses, books, and consulting offers, but this is a good place to start and I can’t build 15 things at once.

I am writing a lot on efficiency right now over at www.addedefficiency.com, building valuable content that I’ll share for free to showcase my knowledge and skill in this area.  I’m not trying to build any big audiences yet – no proactive marketing or anything like that.  I’m just working on getting enough value up there that people will be able to get some benefit and try before they buy.

I’m also continuing to work with one of the guys on a fitness startup.  It’s been slow going, and I’m trying to match his pace (which is why I’m putting so much effort into my own thing).

I think there’s still so much opportunity in the fitness industry and we’ll be able to make big things happen there if we can ever get good momentum together.

Most of my work here is research, trying to get inside the head of the personal trainer.  As they are the main customer that we want to go after, the more I can understand them and their world, the better.

I’m also working to better understand the individual that hires a personal trainer.  I won’t be able to help the PTs without understanding their customers.

I am tracking my own journey to get into better shape at www.briangetsfit.com.

Overall lots happening to keep me busy on all fronts.  I’ve done little but work for the last ~2 months including 7 days a week, 10+ hours a day for most days.  It’s been a lot of work, but I feel like I’m finally making some progress unlike any time before.

The grind will continue through the next several months as I get things off the ground.  I’m headed to the UK soon to meet in person with

the mentor I’ve been working with over the last few weeks and lots more work on getting products developed!

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