I’ve been juggling many things through the last few months, and the amount I’m juggling seems to be growing more each week.  It’s been difficult to keep track of everything going on, and I’ve struggled to make progress on certain things, especially the Startup, with so many other life things in my face every day.  It’s so easy to say, “well the Startup isn’t very far along, so I’ll just not work on that this week while I focus on this other stuff that will have an immediate payoff instead.”  I think this is the exact thinking that has eventually talked me out of doing this every other time I’ve tried.


What I’ve done to try and address this is I’ve grouped all of my work into a few major buckets: day job, Startup, house projects, and church.  I then identified times throughout the week where I’ll work on whatever is most important in these buckets.  I’m not trying to overly plan my days, and there’s no hour by hour calendar.  Here is the plan-

I need to still make enough money to pay bills and fund some investment activities, so the day job is a priority Monday through Friday.  Any additional work time during Mon-Fri will be spent on the Startup.  I won’t do any house projects during the week, as I lose some time having to change in and out of work clothes and take another shower.  This will give me 15-20 hours a week of Startup Time each week.  Saturday, and only Saturday, will be house project day.  There are tons of things I want to do, but nothing that really NEEDS to get done.  Whatever I can get done on Saturday is what will get done for the week on house projects.  Sunday morning is church, and any other church related activities I need to do will get done Sunday as well.  Family will be sprinkled throughout the week, and Sunday afternoon will be downtime with some planning for the next week worked in.

Overall I think this is a doable plan that will ensure I’m spending enough time on all of the activities I need to to keep everything moving in the right direction.  By having these dedicated times for these major buckets, I will regularly make progress in all areas.

How are you splitting your time to make sure everything important in your life is getting attention?

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