While I don’t write every day or about every little thing I do, I have a goal to do something every single day for my startup, no matter how little time I might have. These things aren’t always huge things, but each day when I wake up I ask myself, “what can I do today to advance the company?” Here’s an overview of the week –

Monday – I went to register an LLC that matches the domain name that I registered, thebeelinecompany.com, with the state. Unfortunately, they aren’t going to let me register “The Beeline Company” because there is already a “Beeline Co” registered in the state. I thought through options and will reactivate an inactive LLC I have named “Beeline Tech Group.” I had hoped to generalize the name away from tech as the card game isn’t really a tech product, but it will work out ok in the end as the game will have its own name.

Tuesday – I got the PO Box set up so I can use an address other than my house for mail. I also did some research on affiliate marketing which I will write about in detail in an upcoming post.

Wednesday – I completed the paperwork to reactivate the LLC. I did an initial cleanup and reorganization of the garage to make some room to set up the “filming area” for the Fitness videos. I also did some work on outlining the data needed for the Fitness site. What information will be collected and how will that information be used?

Thursday – Thursday was my wedding anniversary, so the only work I did outside of my day job was to write this post.

For Friday, I plan on doing some additional work on the data requirements for the Fitness site and gently push the daughter to get some more sketches done.  Saturday will be garage organization part 2. I should have everything in the garage sorted by the end of Saturday with the video space ready to be measured, designed, and built out.  Sunday will be more writing and refinement of the data needs and usage doc that the developer is waiting for.

What can you do today to advance your startup idea?

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