I don’t have a name yet for the game, which means I don’t yet have a domain name for a website for the game either.  That being said, I’m going to resurrect one of my previous company names to be the company name, which allows me to up my professionalism a bit by collecting additional digital assets.  What I mean by digital assets are all the online accounts that are used to run businesses today.

First, I have a domain name.  A domain name gives me two things – a named website and “serious” business email addresses.  If you haven’t done it before, you wouldn’t know how easy it is to get these two things that can be the difference in a first impression between “I’m a serious business” and “I thought I would try this company thing for fun”.  The company name/domain I will be using is www.thebeelinecompany.com.

Domain Names

Domain names can be obtained through “Domain Name Registrars.”  There are lots of these companies and you’ve probably heard of some of them like Godaddy, Microsoft and Amazon.  Usually they are also companies that provide web hosting services as well.  Web hosting companies allow you to run web pages on their servers, giving you the professional look of having a website and email address that isn’t gmail (or any of the other free webmail providers).  Going to a domain name registrar allows you to search for available domain names and then register the name or names you are interested in.  Once it is registered to you, you have the ability to use that name for your website and email addresses.  Note that when you register a domain name, it is not yours permanently and must be registered every 1-5 years depending on how you set it up with the registrar.  If you’re ready to register a domain name, I would recommend figuring out who you want to use for web hosting and register your domain name through them.  This will make other parts of the process easier to deal with.

The company I’ve been using for this service as of late is SiteGround.  They provide both domain name registration services as well as hosting plans starting at $3.95 a month.  I’ve had no issues with them so far, and everything has been relatively easy to figure out and get working.  Even though it’s early in my journey right now, I’d be sure to come back and update this if they started giving me problems down the road so assume this to be true from April 2017 until you’re reading this.  Click on the image here to search for a domain to register and sign up for hosting.

Web Hosting

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