Dropbox from video 2

The last 10 days have been all about productivity and progressing the focus on showing people how to leverage technology to be more productive in whatever industry it is they are working in.  I’ve produced a second video that is now out on how to use cloud storage services like Dropbox to be more productive.  … Read more


Over the past several weeks, as I’ve gotten more involved with a few of the online groups I’ve been in, I’ve spent time thinking through my ideas, vision, and what I’m trying to get done.  As I’ve been reading and learning more, I’ve questioned what I’m working on and how it all fits together.  This … Read more

The last month has been busy on all fronts.  The corporate job is consuming a lot of time…still too much time.  We had a major US holiday (and this is the one that I usually unplug for and enjoy time with family and friends), and I’ve been in a flurry of activity related to the … Read more


I’ve been thinking about how I get in gear and elevate myself to the level I need to be at to make this a success.  One of the things I have generally struggled with is accountability tied with comfort. Let me explain. I make a good living from my corporate life.  With the added income from … Read more

Family on the beach

The family issue that I mentioned in my last post has continued to be a major distraction for me. I don’t want to go into detail right now (maybe ever) but suffice it to say it was a significant issue that impacted all members of my immediate family.  It’s consumed many hours, and when I’m done … Read more

As I reflect back over the last two months, I see time escaping through many different holes without getting much done in the Startup realm.  The day job sucked up more time than expected, as work on the major ERP project continues to dominate my daysas we stabilize the new platform.  Some family issues cropped … Read more

Palm Tree Icon

The last few months certainly hasn’t been what was expected.  My day job started consuming a significant portion of my waking hours as my team worked to finish a two year project of replacing the company’s ERP system. I have, until three weeks ago, been putting in 70-90 hour work weeks to get the team through … Read more

Jira projects

I’m going back to Jira, the application I’m using to organize all of mywork and track what needs to get done and what’s been finished already.  I’ve also been working at playing some catch up with posting on social media platforms.  While I’ve been continuing to write this whole time, I haven’t been posting to … Read more

Crypto Rigs

The last few weeks I’ve been distracted quite a bit.  It started just before I went to Mexico when a friend approached me with a proposition. He’s been interested in chasing the crypto currency roller coaster, and isn’t just interested in buying some currency and sitting on it.  He wants to set up mining rigs that … Read more

The new year brings lots of reminders about reflection and new beginnings.  Personally, I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions.  I like to evaluate what I’m doing more often than once a year, so I’ve never been big ona once a year activity.  I also think that things change so fast, who knows what … Read more