Cards made from notecards

The first version of the game is made on 3×5 index cards cut in half with just descriptions written on the cards.  This was the fastest way I saw in getting some “cards” so we could actually start playing the game and work on rule refinement and gameplay. We’re drawing inspiration from many different areas … Read more

Eve's Drawings

One of my concerns with the card game is that my daughter will (hopefully) be providing the artwork for the game.  She’s been into drawing for the last ~5 years and can turn out some really crazy and beautiful drawings in a short amount of time.  The stuff that she can draw now at 14 … Read more

My initial research has been focused on a few key things.  First, I’m looking at manufacturers.  There are many options out there when it comes to manufacturing playing cards.  Here’s what I’ve found so far- – These guys do custom cards of all kinds as well as board games.  I’m not trying to make … Read more