Card Game

You got to know when to fold ‘em

As I continue the grind and look ahead, there is so much to do. I’m also reflecting back on everything from the last few months that has gotten me to this point. I started with a desire to build something I could call my own, while seeing an opportunity to do something with my kids…

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Taking a Different Approach

So we’re nearing the end of summer and I have zero more cards drawn for the card game than when the summer started. Motivating the daughter has been quite the struggle. At one point, I offered her $20 for each finished card. She was excited by that idea, but ultimately didn’t draw anymore because of…

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More Sketches!


As school is winding down, I’m able to push a little harder.  I did that this weekend and was able to get a few more sketches out of the daughter, along with as much of a plan as can be expected of her.  She wants to do all of the sketches first, before doing any…

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We Have Sketches!

Not a Dog Sketches

The daughter has come through with some initial sketches.  They are fantastic!  I know I could be slightly biased because it’s my kid, but I don’t usually do that.  In my daughter’s words, “I don’t really give good feels, ever.”  This is a small step, but a step forward nonetheless. The sketches are for cards…

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The Split

I’ve thought of a third option that I’m going to go with.  I really want to give my daughter the time to do this as she’s able.  To be fair to her, she’s trying to finish 8th grade and has a number of big, end of school projects she’s finishing over the next couple weeks. …

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Options to Consider

With the art at a standstill, I need to consider my options.  Really there are two that I see; I either move on without her and outsource the art, or I wait. I don’t really want to move on without her, as one of the driving factors in doing this was to do something the…

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Not Progressing

My worry related to the art getting done is coming to fruition.  It’s been several weeks now and with my daughter primarily responsible for the art, there are still no drawings (she has been a limited participant in the testing).  I’ve been pushing a little, but am still afraid to push too hard and break…

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Version .2 – A Little Better

First Deck

Ok I had to do something about the cards.  The index cards I was using were really starting to bother me.  Playing the game was ok, but shuffling was nearly impossible.  Index cards aren’t thick enough to shuffle like playing cards, so it was painful to mix up the cards after each round.  I did…

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More Testing

I think the kids are getting tired of hearing me come home from work and ask them to play a few rounds.  We’ve been grinding on the gameplay 2-3 times a week which is about as much as we can fit in on a regular week. I see two things that are critical to the…

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Art – The Critical Path

Critical Path

I’m continuing through cycles of gameplay and refinement and feel that things are progressing well with the development of the game itself.  We continue to play through the game and refine things with each play through.  It’s about 20 minutes to play one game, which is within the range I was driving for.  We will…

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