Yikes… 4 months?!

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since I last wrote here.  Unfortunately, in the grand scheme of things, when priorities overwhelm and activities need to get cut, this is one of the first to go and last to come back as this is more of an online journal and testing ground for me and…

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Busy, Busy, Busy

The cabin

The rest of my time at the cabin was super productive and I’m glad that I got to go.  Lots got done in the way of planning, writing content, advancing my thinking, and building out my own systems that will allow me to do all this. I also did several dry runs of the webinar…

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Stairs in the forest

As things continue to pick up, I’ve taken a week to get away from all of the usual distractions that I have and spend a week completely focused on my business. My Mother-In-Law has a cabin that she bought several years back that is the perfect spot.  It’s fairly isolated, on Willipa Bay in Washington…

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Going Better scheduling tool

I’m just starting week two of this new content process and so far, it’s feeling much better.  I’ve written some much longer posts on the last two Sundays.  The first one was about 2200 words and the second was 2550 words.  Throughout last week, I was able to draw from the larger post each day…

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Switching Things up a Bit

Tower bridge, because, why not?

The grind continues on building the startup as an educational company.  I’ve been working quite a bit with the mentor and focusing on how I’m delivering and what I’m delivering. He’s queuing me up for some “training” with members of his Facebook groups (he manages a group of 15,000+ as well as a paid group…

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Get Out and Talk to People


The last couple weeks has been very busy writing content and planning world domination.  Ok really just writing content and a trip to go spend time with folks in The UK to talk about business. I’ve mentioned that I’m working with a mentor that is based in the UK, and he runs a Facebook group…

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Full Steam Ahead!


I’ve had a fair amount of clarity over the last week on what I am working on and how I’m moving forward.  The discussions with the mentor have helped a fair amount on getting me focused on things that I’m good at that would be profitable. I’m settled on building knowledge products on efficiency products…

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Getting Back on the Horse

Losing our cat hit me a little harder than I would have expected, directly and because of the impact it’s had on the kids.  I was pretty worthless for a few days there, but have been slowly getting back to it. Since my last post, I’ve been consuming quite a bit of training online related…

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The Last Day


It’s been so busy through the end of the year.  I’ve spent a bit of time with family and friends, enjoying some downtime for the holidays.  At the same time, I’ve been able to (mostly) blow off my corporate job for a week and spend lots of time progressing with the startup. I’ve been working…

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Well Then…

Palm Tree Icon

The last few months certainly hasn’t been what was expected.  My day job started consuming a significant portion of my waking hours as my team worked to finish a two year project of replacing the company’s ERP system. I have, until three weeks ago, been putting in 70-90 hour work weeks to get the team through…

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