One of my concerns with the card game is that my daughter will (hopefully) be providing the artwork for the game.  She’s been into drawing for the last ~5 years and can turn out some really crazy and beautiful drawings in a short amount of time.  The stuff that she can draw now at 14 years old is quite amazing and wins her constant praise from those around her.  For me and this project it is both a blessing and a curse.

Eve's Drawings
A few of Eve’s drawings that we blew up to hang in her room

It’s a blessing because it gives me an opportunity to bond with her over her art and the game.  I will have an opportunity to teach her some things about business and the real world.  This has the potential to be a great opportunity for both of us, regardless of how successful the game turns out.

It’s a curse because of the relationship.  I have little leverage in getting things done and sticking to any kind of schedule.  What if she gets bored ½ way through, or even worse, near the end?  What do I do if I think the art is wrong?  She is very self-conscious about her art, and doesn’t do well with criticism of it.  What if I push her too hard and she hates art because of me? It will be much different than managing employees, and I will have to use different tactics than I’ve used managing people in my traditional career.

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