The rest of my time at the cabin was super productive and I’m glad that I got to go.  Lots got done in the way of planning, writing content, advancing my thinking, and building out my own systems that will allow me to do all this.

I also did several dry runs of the webinar while I was there.  The webinar hasn’t happened yet, but should in the next couple weeks.  It’s been a little challenging to schedule with the different folks that need to be there.

Over this last weekend, I worked with one of the mentors on defining who I am and who I’m not.  What I want to be and what I don’t want to be.  It was helpful in defining clarity for me and I now have a large list of guidance for writing new content which will be very helpful.

The advice he gave is that I should work these things into my content as it will help weed out people that won’t be ideal clients.  For what I’m doing, it makes sense to me.  The last thing I want to do is spend hours and hours working with somebody that I don’t get along with and doesn’t fit my beliefs.

We also talked quite a bit about making my content more personable and less robotic.  What I’ve written so far has been fairly robotic; more of a textbook or reference guide than something fun and engaging.  While there is a spot in the world for textbooks, it’s not what I think will move me further ahead in this journey, so I need to do more personable writing with more personal stories and relatable examples.

In the coming weeks I will continue to work on my writing style as well as working on the tools and templates I will use/share with those I work with.  These are tools that people can use to improve their business processes and systems like a time tracking template or a SIPOC.

I’ve also got a few consulting calls scheduled with folks as “practice runs.”  I’m not charging for these, but asking for open and honest feedback about the value I bring.  This will help me understand my customers better and will allow me to practice, both of which are super valuable.

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