About The Startup Maze

Hello!  I’m Brian and this is a site used to document my journey as I try and start a company.  Starting from just an idea, I’m documenting everything I do along the way in an effort to help others that are taking a similar journey, or perhaps giving someone the courage to get started.

I’ve talked to alot of people with great product and company ideas.  When I’ve asked them why they haven’t gotten started, I’ve heard things like “I don’t know where to begin” or “I don’t have all the skills to get this started”.  As service offerings from companies like Amazon continue to expand to help small entrepreneurs, the opportunity to turn any idea into a viable product continues to improve.  People with ideas can find the support they need in any area to turn that idea into a product.

Through this site, I’ll share the ups and downs that I face, things I learn, and resources I find and use to make my idea a reality.  Hopefully this will benefit you in some way, whether it’s giving you a roadmap to get started or helping you when you get stuck to get over a common obstacle.  Best of luck on your startup journey!