Lots of craze over the last few weeks, so much so that I’ve slacked off in all my writing.  Catching up with what’s been happening –

I haven’t made progress like I would have liked on getting Learndash up and running.  I haven’t had any time to dedicate to it due to a combination of corporate happenings and family commitments.

On the corporate side, I’m having to do a fairly significant reorg of my team.  It’s taken a lot of thought and energy to get right, which has left me drained.  I also went to a week long software conference which was highly valuable, but also took 4 full days of focus.

On the family side, I moved my middle kid off to college.  It was a big deal for him as well as us as parents, and it’s taken a bit of adjusting around the house (he did quite a bit to help out).

On the solo business side, I’ve continued developing my framework and the various components so I can ultimately put together a program that will allow me to reduce the hours I spend doing one on one consulting.  I wanted to have a draft of the program done by now, but have only been able to put together the outline.  I’m now targeting having the program finished and available by Christmas.

I did a podcast a couple weeks back as a guest, talking to gym owners about how to think differently about their gyms to get better outcomes.  It turned out really well and can be heard here.

I’m also going to be doing a live event in my friend’s paid Facebook group talking about how to think about scaling and hiring a business later today.

Beyond that, I continue to write, working on my messaging, and working with a handful of clients one on one to help them understand principles around optimizing their businesses to get better outcomes.

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