The last few weeks I’ve been distracted quite a bit.  It started just before I went to Mexico when a friend approached me with a proposition. He’s been interested in chasing the crypto currency roller coaster, and isn’t just interested in buying some currency and sitting on it.  He wants to set up mining rigs that actually“produce” currencies.  He’s got more than enough money to invest to get started. Problem is, he doesn’t have any of the technical know how.

He came to me with the following proposition; he’d pay for all of the stuff if I set it up and run it.  I’d get 10% of anything generated until he’s made his money back that he put out for the hardware.  Once we reach that point, we’ll split anything after 50/50.

I hesitated for a bit;  while I understood the concepts of how crypto currency mining worked, I knew there would be a lot for me to learn.  It was an interesting topic for me though, and not having to buy any of the hardware was a big draw.  I agreed to get started with him and started buying the parts to build the rigs.

Crypto Rigs

The last few weeks have been focused on reading up on different currencies, what features they have, what apps are needed, how to undervolt video cards, and a whole lot more.  I’ve learned quite a bit about how these miners run, and a few new things about computers.  I’ve also learned quite a bit about crypto currencies and blockchain, the underlying tech that makes crypto currencies work.  I’ve got to do it all without having to spend any of my own money, and have even made a small amount of money from the agreement.  Not a bad distraction! That said, all of my free time has been consumed by getting this up and running.  Having someone else’s money involved, I feel an obligation to give it my all, so the focus has been there.  Things are more calm now, and there’s less learning for me to do, at least in the short term.  Rigs are happily running and I just need to check them periodically to make sure they continue to run at optimal performance.  Back to the Startup!

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