I haven’t made a lot of new progress, but I continue to write each week on briangetsfit.com about my challenges and struggles with making and keeping an exercise routine.  This is valuable from the perspective of continuing to learn tools and work on continued improvement in my writing.  I also see it as continuing to build credibility from the perspective of being in the shoes of the people that I want to help.  As cheesy as it is, the statement of “I’m not only the president, but I’m also a client” says that I understand my audience because I was in the same position and figured out a way to improve my situation.  I’m not some guy just trying to solve other people’s problems.  I solved my own problems and am now sharing what I’ve learned with others.

I also continue to read on digital and social marketing, SEO, and other topics related to companies surviving and thriving on the internet.  These articles continue to refine my thinking around the best way to start generating meaningful revenue with the Startup, which I haven’t put focus on yet.  I’m short, I see near term options for revenue through affiliate marketing with longer term goals of developing my own products. What is something that you are doing ever week that is going to pay off dividends later?

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