The new year brings lots of reminders about reflection and new beginnings.  Personally, I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions.  I like to evaluate what I’m doing more often than once a year, so I’ve never been big ona once a year activity.  I also think that things change so fast, who knows what … Read more

Breaching Whale

I had been given a flight voucher several months ago due to the terrible Alaska flight I wrote about some months ago. Needing to use it in the next few months, the wife and I took off to Mexico for a week to disengage from reality for a bit.  We’ve been enjoying time on the beach,walking … Read more


I’ve been juggling many things through the last few months, and the amount I’m juggling seems to be growing more each week.  It’s been difficult to keep track of everything going on, and I’ve struggled to make progress on certain things, especially the Startup, with so many other life things in my face every day.  … Read more