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More Organizing

Organized Tools

Work on the house has been consuming a fair amount of my extra time as we get settled into the new house. Tasks are taking longer than they should, primarily due to a lack of organization. Before today, tools were in a number of different boxes in different parts of the house. Finding a screwdriver,…

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Keep on Keepin’ on

Still plugging away slowly but surely. The day job has consumed quite a bit of time as of late, and I thought it would settle down when I got back, but another hiccup came up in the form of one of the people that reports to me put in her two week notice. There’s a…

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That’s the only word to describe the last two weeks. I’ve been in survival mode just trying to get through the day. I started the new day job, but don’t get me wrong: The new job is great and I am enjoying it a lot. It’s been a ton of work though, coming up to…

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