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Increasing my Free Time by Decreasing my Free Time

Over a week since my last post! Time unfortunately has been a very precious commodity since getting back from Honduras. On the day we got back, we put an offer in on a new house. It was somewhat spontaneous, but that’s usually the way we do things. We started discussing moving about 9 months ago.…

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Time to Reorganize

Junk Drawer

At the beginning of this process, I did a lot of organizing and planning to make sure I had a solid list of tasks I needed to perform.  It was great to have a big, prioritized list where I could check things off and see my progress.  As I web through the list, there were…

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Back to the Grind – Staying Motivated

After a much needed week off to appreciate the beautiful island of Roatan, it’s back to the grind stone. So much to do and so little time to do it in.Recently, on a forum that I participate in, a poster asked how people stay motivated on their journey to start a business or blog. It…

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