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Take Some Time For Yourself

West Bay Beach

I’m fortunate enough to currently have the means to go on nice vacations.  After the last 9 months of grinding, I have been doing that this week.  The last 3 months have been especially grueling as I work evenings and weekends on getting the startup going. I took a week off work and went with…

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Making Use of Time

I’m working a full time job in Corporate America still, am married with three teenagers, two cats, and a dog. Time is my most valuable resource, and also my most scarce resource. I realized early on that I would have a challenge finding the time I need to dedicate to building my startup. I knew…

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Results

So I’m not in any position either with the card game or the fitness app to start advertising them, but I was curious to get my feet wet and learn the basics of Facebook ads so I can see how that will fit into the marketing strategy of both.  I noticed, after setting up a…

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Meeting with the Crew

Muscle Groups

On Friday, we had a first meeting together as a team.  There are three of us going in on this.  One is the developer who will forever be referred to on this blog as “the Dev”.  The other person is someone that worked for me at my last day job; a technical, business savvy, fitness…

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Learning From Others

Lake picture from plane

I had to travel for my day job last week, and had the absolute worst experience ever with an airline. While I’m going to rant a bit, it’s more for context than it is to trash the airline, so I will leave the airline name out of this. I had a ticket for a 1:30…

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Happy 4th!

Holidays are particularly exciting for me during this time; not so much for the holidays themselves, but because it gives me an extra day to work on my startup, since I don’t have to report for the day job.  Today I’ve been able to spend some time strategizing with the developer and also working with…

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