One concept with websites that might be worth exploring, depending on your idea and how you are going to monetize your idea, is affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing programs allow you to sign up with a company that provides affiliate marketing tools and use them to advertise products on a website.  When someone clicks on an … Read more

While I don’t write every day or about every little thing I do, I have a goal to do something every single day for my startup, no matter how little time I might have. These things aren’t always huge things, but each day when I wake up I ask myself, “what can I do today … Read more


As school is winding down, I’m able to push a little harder.  I did that this weekend and was able to get a few more sketches out of the daughter, along with as much of a plan as can be expected of her.  She wants to do all of the sketches first, before doing any … Read more

I had a meeting today with a good friend that I met at my last company.  He and I worked together on building revolutionary software for the company and industry that we worked in.  Not to oversell it – it was cloud based data storage and data analysis that is commonplace in different tech industries, … Read more

Not a Dog Sketches

The daughter has come through with some initial sketches.  They are fantastic!  I know I could be slightly biased because it’s my kid, but I don’t usually do that.  In my daughter’s words, “I don’t really give good feels, ever.”  This is a small step, but a step forward nonetheless. The sketches are for cards … Read more

When I first wrote this post, I worked for Amazon and was very reserved in what I communicated, not wanting to get myself in trouble.  I’ve since left Amazon and have rewritten this article with much more details here, but am preserving the original article below. —————————————————————– One of the things I’ve read about regarding … Read more

I went through an organization effort with the card game, and need to do that again for the fitness idea.  From a high level, the fitness idea is building technology tools to help people exercise more efficiently through education and workout apps.  This will have a different project plan and product roadmap than a physical … Read more

I worked on a fitness startup idea a few years back.  We had big ambitions to disrupt the industry and had good momentum for a short while.  We had a solid business plan and some smart folks on board.  Ultimately, the developer we were working with lost time and interest.  Efforts to find a replacement … Read more

I’ve thought of a third option that I’m going to go with.  I really want to give my daughter the time to do this as she’s able.  To be fair to her, she’s trying to finish 8th grade and has a number of big, end of school projects she’s finishing over the next couple weeks.  … Read more