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Version .2 – A Little Better

First Deck

Ok I had to do something about the cards.  The index cards I was using were really starting to bother me.  Playing the game was ok, but shuffling was nearly impossible.  Index cards aren’t thick enough to shuffle like playing cards, so it was painful to mix up the cards after each round.  I did…

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More Testing

I think the kids are getting tired of hearing me come home from work and ask them to play a few rounds.  We’ve been grinding on the gameplay 2-3 times a week which is about as much as we can fit in on a regular week. I see two things that are critical to the…

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Art – The Critical Path

Critical Path

I’m continuing through cycles of gameplay and refinement and feel that things are progressing well with the development of the game itself.  We continue to play through the game and refine things with each play through.  It’s about 20 minutes to play one game, which is within the range I was driving for.  We will…

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Version .1

Cards made from notecards

The first version of the game is made on 3×5 index cards cut in half with just descriptions written on the cards.  This was the fastest way I saw in getting some “cards” so we could actually start playing the game and work on rule refinement and gameplay. We’re drawing inspiration from many different areas…

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Can’t Break The Daughter

Eve's Drawings

One of my concerns with the card game is that my daughter will (hopefully) be providing the artwork for the game.  She’s been into drawing for the last ~5 years and can turn out some really crazy and beautiful drawings in a short amount of time.  The stuff that she can draw now at 14…

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Web Hosting & Email

Once you have a domain name, it’s time to set up an account with a hosting provider which will allow you to set up an email address using your domain name and a website if you are ready to do so.  As I mentioned in my last post, life will be easier if you pick…

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Digital Assets

I don’t have a name yet for the game, which means I don’t yet have a domain name for a website for the game either.  That being said, I’m going to resurrect one of my previous company names to be the company name, which allows me to up my professionalism a bit by collecting additional…

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